Canadian Buffalo Forge fans and blowers

Vaneaxial and Tubeaxial fans are generally used in variable HVAC systems and in light industrial applications such as fume exhaust. Panel fans are used primarily for general unducted ventilation.
For OEM requirements, airfoil and backwardly inclined wheels, inlet cones, inlet vane controls, housings and axial airfoil wheels are available for packaged equipment applications.

About Us

CB VENTILATOR CO. is a sister company of CB Blower Company which fans and blowers are running across industries in North America and are well known for their reliability and robust construction. CB Ventilator Co. with 3 offices in USA and Partners across North America is well placed to provide excellent after Sales Service. Canadian Blower - Manufacturer of Axial Fns and Centrifugal Fans  


  • Centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans

  • Industrial exhaust fans

  • Induced draft fans

  • Ventilation fans

  • Industrial blowers

  • High pressure centrifugal fans

  • Heavy duty centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans with adjustable pitch blades

  • Axial belt driven fan, Axial Jet fans

  • Wall axial fans

CB VENTILATOR CO. With huge experience in the Industrial Fans business, Continuous Innovation in Aerodynamic technology and Manufacturing Capability and Processes has led CB to become the World  leader in Industrial Ventilators and Blowers. Its fans are the most efficient and extremely robust and low in noise level. They have manufacturing facilities all across Europe and North America. CB over the years have acquired several leading fan companies in different countires. Industrial ventilation
CB VENTILATOR CO. has grown on the strength of their ability to provide customized solutions to customers backed by superior quality. 50 years of experience has given CB Group a unique combination of knowledge along with design skills to manufacture high efficiency industrial fans and blowers for industrial processes, environmental and general ventilation. Quick supply of idustrial axial fans, air circulation ventilators, warehouse ventilators, high volume ventilation fans, hot air ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, portable industrial blowers, garage ventilators, PRV roof fans, explosion proof pressure blowers, wall ventilators, fan wheel blades, combustion pressure blowers, pvc ventilators, ID fans, FD fans, force draft ventilators, induse draft blowers, propylene & FRP PVC ventilators, spark-resistant blowers, sealed ventilators, dust collector ventilators & fans.

CB VENTILATOR  is a Joint Venture between CB Fans, CBC Group and Tenderall Fan.
North American distributor of industrial OEM fans, blowers, ventilators, as well as fan components: blower impellers, high temperature fan wheels, ventilator blades, fan housings, fan shaft and bearings coolers. Installation of heavy-duty Industrial ventilators / blowers / fans, Level 3 big industrial fans, super high pressure blowers, New York Blower, Twin City Fan, Aerovent, Chicago Blower, high temperature oven circulation plug ventilators and air kit fans, stainless steel pressure blowers and fiberglass FRP axial fans and centrifugal blowers NYB TCF
Canada Blower Company is a Engineering Sales Representative for industrial process and commerical ventilation equipment.  Canada Blower fans are known fo rindustrial duty reliability and many years of trouble-free low-maintenance service.

Canada Blower upblast power roof ventilators are designed to discharge vertically so that air velocity seals the opening against rain and snow while the unit is in operation. Whe fan is switched off, counterbalanced dampers close by gravity to provide a weather-resistant closure.

Reliable ventilation system prevents smoke logging, allows people to escape quickly, minimizes damages to property and contents and enables firemen to attack the fire without hindrance. Such power roof ventilators have the added advantage of providing normal day to day ventilation and in many cases can also be fitted with duct work for use in multi storey buildings.
A simple roof ventilator is essentially an opening in the roof with a cover to keep out rain and to prevent winds from interfering with its functioning. Natural convection is an appreciable aid to ventilation in a large building only if it contains sources of large amounts of heat. A further useful adjunct is a fan fan, device for agitating air or gases or moving them from one location to another. Mechanical fans with revolving blades are used for ventilation, in manufacturing, in winnowing grain, to remove dust, cuttings, or other waste, or to provide draft for a fire. The addition of distribution ducts to the fan and a system for forcing air into the building provides greater efficiency. Outlets are designed to attain maximum mixing of air and to move large amounts of air at low velocity so that temperature layers are eliminated. Factories have special suction hoods and enclosures to draw away localized dust, fumes, and heat. Incoming air may be cleaned of dust by filters or electrostatic precipitators.