Canadian Boffalo blowers and fans

Custom Heavy Duty fans are recognized for their high efficiency, maximum economy, and reliability. Custom Airfoil/Backward Curved fans, Pressure Blowers, and Radial Tip fans are individually customized and manufactured to meet your air handling needs for air systems. Fans backward inclined blades are designed to handle corrosive or dusty airstreams. Typical applications include high temperature oven air circulators, dust collector fans, fume exhaust ventialtors and emission fan system; also suited for high temperature air exhaust.

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CB VENTILATOR  is a Joint Venture between CB Fans, CBC Group and Tenderall Fan.
Stock of heavy-duty industrial oven exhauste fans, New York Blower pressure blowers, high temperature oven circulating fans and furnace blowers, combustion pressure blowers, exhaust and supply roof fans and wall ventilators, pneumatic conveying pressure blowers, vacuum blowers and fans, high temperature exhauste fans, heat ventilators and scroll cage blower fans. Super high temperature furnace fans, super high pressure gas and air transfer blowers distribution.
Canada Blower Tubeaxial roof ventilators are built of heavy gauge steel for rugged industrial service where the fan assembly must be located above the roof. They are designed to operate reliably in hostile environments where high temperatures or contaminated air are present. The motor, belts and bearings are isolated from the air stream. THe JTBC PRVs are constructed of extra heavy gauge steel, up to 1/4" plate. The fan shaft is supported by two pillow-block ball bearings that are mounted in the enclosed tube to provide years of service under harsh conditions, they are suitable for operation to 250 F.
These Power Roof Ventilators can be easily connected to duct work when exhausting from a ducted system with the use of the optional duct connector accessory.
Tubeaxial roof exhausters are available in wide range of sizes and capacities: with blade diameters from 18" to 84" and capacities ranging from 1000 CFM to appr. 100,000 CFM. Direct driven models for low maintenance are available too.

The duct vaneaxial fan offers a broad performance range and good pressure capability at high static efficiency. It also offers the benefit of placing the bearings, shaft and drives on the negative pressure side of the propeller. This setup draws ambient air across those components during operation and discharges it into the hot moist air. This fan also can be provided with a shaft seal to further isolate the components or high temperature construction for operation up to 500 deg. F (260 deg C).

For higher pressure ranges, a backward curved centrifugal fan often is selected. This design offers pressures up to 20" water gauge. They also offer the benefit of having the shaft and bearings outside the fan, and they can be mounted on the roof with a weather cover.