Industrial fans and blowers in Canada

CBC Blower manufactures fans and blowers for the paper and pulp industry. All stages of the production process will utilize a variety of high pressure blowers or low pressure fans and blowers for air supply and exhaus. Drying, bleaching and cooking industrial processes that produce chemical laden airstreams and high temperatures require fans / blowers to provide stable air flow and circulation through these ventilation systems. Our fans work at the highest performance and efficiency to meet the needs of the paper and pulp industries around the world.

Service and Maintenance

Heavy duty industrial fans

Suppliers of cool air blowers, high volume air ventilators, air blower motors, pneumatic blowers, compressed air blowers, suction pressure blowers, air blower compressores, high pressure axial fans, propeller fans, axial prop fans, industrial fan motors, big industrial fans, large industrial ventilators, industrial blower systems, explosion proof ventilation fans, rooftop fans and ventilators, shop fans, building ventilation fans.


  • Centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans

  • Industrial exhaust fans

  • Induced drauft fans

  • Ventilation fans

  • Industrial blowers

  • High pressure centrifugal blowers

  • Heavy duty centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans with adjustable pitch blades

  • Axial belt driven fan, Axial Jet fans

  • Wall axial fans & ventilators

Spare parts and maintenance

- Balancing of fan impellers on site or at our factory.
- Alignment with laser equipment.
- Diagnosis of the status of the rotating machines.
- Tailor-made maintenance programs.
- Supply and installation of original fan spare parts.
- Management of customer's spare part stocks.
- Manufacturing of spare parts for out-of-production blowers and fans.
Thanks to our data bank we are able to offer any type of original spare part or a perfectly interchangeable spare part with the technical and mechanical improvements which have been made in the meantime.

Tests & Diagnostics
- Air performances measurement.
- Sound levels measurements.
- Dynamic balancing.
- Vibration levels measurements.
- Laser alignment control.
- Monitoring of bearings wear-and-tear.
- Planned manteinance to ensure reliable operation.
- Detailed analysis report.
-  Test run (mechanical tests with measurement of vibration levels and bearings temperatures).
-  Overspeed failure tests.
- Fan run test at high temperatures.
To ensure a correct running of the fan it is advisable to carry out periodical inspection by skilled personnel.
We have several mobile facilities equipped with the most advanced instruments for the analysis and control, manned by our long-experienced skilled technicians.





CB VENTILATOR  is a Joint Venture between CB Fans, CBC Group and Tenderall Fan.
High temperature fans, industrial process pressure blowers, high pressure side channel regenerative pressure blowers; industrial; process and commercial heating; ventilating and air conditioning equipment. Engineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators.
Industrial blowers are mainly used to circulate the movement of air and gas in ventilation applications.
Canada Blower Company is a Sales Agency for industrial process and commerical ventilation equipment.  Canada Blower fans are known for the highest industrial duty quality and reliability for many years around the world.
AB Blower Co. makes a new design of a centrifugal general ventilating fan - Square Fan, in direct drive and belt drive configurations. Arrangement 4 direct drive square fans are ideally suited for a wide range of clean-air applications reuiring a tight footprint. Typical uses include pneumatic conveying, product drying, process cooling, and exhaust on clean-side of dust collection systems.
AB Blower Square Fans incorporate non-overloading BI impeller desings: the motor can be sized for the operating horsepower of the fan and not oversized, thus increasing motor efficiency. Heavy gauge spinning inlet with airflow diverter permits smooth air flow and close wheel tolerances.

Three different wheel designs on CB SQB Square Fans provide the widest choice in applications suitability, efficiency, sound, and cost. All of them feature the backward inlcinged non overloading horsepower chracteristic, where the horse power curve reaches a peak and then decreases even as air flow increases. This feature allows maximum brake horsepower calculation and motor selection that prevents electrical system overloading even if system pressure changes.

True aerodynamic airfoil blade shape allows stable operation from wide open to closed off; ideal for clean iar applications such as building ventilation with variable air volume system control or clean industrial gas handling. Aerodynamic single surface blade shape of backward curve wheel offers alternative selction points to the Airfoil wheel and also provides stable operation from wide open to closed-off. Flat, single thickness backwardly inlined plades are suited for applications from clean air to those where dust and limited material is present in the airstream and where airfoil shapes are not recommended due to material build up that closes unbalance and vibration.