Canadian Buffalo fans

CBC Blower is a supplier of heavy duty fans and blowers for the dust collection systems. Heavy industries use dust collection fans within their facilities to control and remove harmful particles from entering into the airstream. Our fans are used for either supplying dirty corrosive air into the system or exhausting clean filtered air out of the ventilating system. Whether it is saw dust, metal scraps, or welding smoke, we manufacture a variety of preengineered ventilator blowers and custom heavy duty fans to control the harsh particles exhausted into the air streams of fan / blower.

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Standard Fans

Heavy Duty Fans

Standard Fans

DWDI double width double inlet fan

Industrial utility fan ventilation fan set

Industrial backward inclined centrifugal fan

High pressure industrial process fan
300,000 CFM - 14" WG

Centrifugal fans with backward inclined airfoil or flat blades. Double width
40,000 CFM - 9" WG

Centrifugal utility fans with backward inclined airfoil or flat blades. Single inlet. Both belt driven and direct fans are available
200,000 CFM - 15" WG

Centrifugal fans designed to convey  gases containing dust, granular material, long shavings. Both belt driven and direct coupled blowers are available
100,000 CFM - 40" WG

 High Pressure centrifugal fans designed to convey air gases containing dust, granular material, long shavings.
High pressure industrial fan blower Industrial duct fan ventilator  Industrial ring fan ventilator vaneaxial fan
150,000 CFM - 20" WG

Centrifugal fans heavy duty design. Impeller with backward flat blades
80,000 CFM - 3" WG

Axial fans with adjustable pitch angle airfoil blades in aluminium alloy

140,000 CFM - 2" WG

Axial fans with adjustable pitch angle airfoil  aluminium extruded blades

100,000 CFM - 6" WG

Axial belt driven fans with airfoil blades in aluminium alloy

 Tunnel ventilation axial mining fans industrial wall propeller fan Sale of TCF NYB fans / blowers, American Coolair ventilators, Aerovent ventilators / fans, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, Canarm ventilators, ACME fans, Leader Delhi fans, ILG ventilators, Plastec propylene blowers, New York Ventilators, confined space fans and ventilators. Tubeaxial roof ventilator  

150,000 CFM - 10" WG

Axial Jet fans for tunnel ventilation


80,000 CFM - 1.5" WG

Wall Axial fans with airfoil blades in aluminium alloy


20,000 CFM - 3" WG

Centrifugal roof fan with backward inclined blades


40,000 CFM - 5" WG

Axial roof fans


Industrial fans and pressure blowers, high temperature oven fans, high pressure blowers, centrifugal and axial blowers.  Sales of regenerative blowers, high pressure ventilators, positive displacement pressure blowers. Engineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators.

A hazardous location air exhaust / ventilation fan (sometimes called explosion proof) may be required in any area where the presence of flammable gases, vapors or finely pulverized dust in the atmosphere is sufficient to create a threat of an explosion or fire. It may also be required where easily ignitable fibers or flying's are present. The following information is a representative, but is not an all-inclusive, list of the types of locations and operations that require hazardous location air exhaust / ventilation equipment in at least certain areas. Consult the current National Electric Code® for complete and current information.

Typical Class I Locations Include:

• Petroleum refining facilities
• Dip tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids
• Dry cleaning plants
• Organic coating manufacturing plants
• Paint spray booths
• Spray finishing areas (residue must be considered)
• Petroleum dispensing areas
• Solvent extraction plants
• Plants manufacturing or using pyroxylin
• (nitro-cellulose) type and other plastics
• (Class II also)
• Locations where inhalation anesthetics are used
• Utility gas plants and operations involving storage and handling and liquefied petroleum and natural gas
• Aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas

Typical Class II Locations Include:

• Grain elevators and bulk handling facilities
• Magnesium and aluminum powder manufacture and storage facilities
• Starch manufacture and storage facilities
• Fireworks manufacture and storage facilities
• Flour and feed mills
• Pulverized sugar and cocoa packaging and handling areas
• Coal preparation and handling facilities
• Spice grinding plants
• Confectionery manufacturing plants

Typical Class III Locations Include:

• Woodworking plants
• Textile mills
• Cotton gins and cotton seed mills
• Flax producing plants